Coming Soon! JET14 and JET19

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Coming Soon! JET14 and JET19


Change is coming to the Jetwave! Two new and improved models will be available Fall 2013.
*International 50 Hz model numbers: JET514 and JET519

JET14 (1400 watts of microwave, 2700 watts of convection) – Bakes 4x faster than a conventional oven!

This oven will be replacing the current MCE14 this Fall.  If you currently own the MCE14, some things to note: they both deliver 1400 watts of microwave and have the same footprint.

Watts new?

  • Redesigned air flow provides more even browning of food, increasing flavor, aroma and texture.

Other unique features include:

    • USB menu management system allows user to edit, create, delete, and transfer menu items from the computer to your oven!
    • “Microwave-only mode”: before pre-heating the oven with convection air, the unit can be used like a standard microwave.
    • Removable grease tray traps and collects grease which helps prolong the life of the oven. With regular cleaning, the oven components are protected.
    • No special cookware is needed. Metal pans are accepted. Cavity accepts standard 1/4 sheet pan.

JET19 (1900 watts of microwave, 2700 watts of convection) – Bakes 10x faster than a conventional oven! 

Want even faster cook times than the JET14? Frozen wings are cooked to perfection in under two minutes.** This more powerful oven offers speed while maintaining product quality.The JET19 is approximately 26% faster than the JET14/MCE14.

Differences in cook times between the JET14 and JET19:

Food Item JET14 Cook Time JET19 Cook Time
**Wings (6 oz./170 g) 2:00 1:30
Baked Potato (11 oz./310 g) 4:30 3:45
Fries (8 oz./225 g) 3:00 2:20
Sub Sandwich 1:20 1:00

A basic deli sub sandwich, each heated in the MCE14 and the JET14 are pictured below. Following the same cook time of 1 minute and 20 seconds, note the improved browning pattern differences in the JET model.

panini arrows
Sub in MCE14 (notice local product browning)

JET sub
Sub in the JET14 (notice even product browning)