Bang-Bang Chicken Sliders

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Bang-Bang Chicken Sliders

When it comes to the appetites of today’s consumers, less is more. NRA’s 2015 What’s Hot survey reports that 63% of respondents claimed small/half portions to be a hot trend.

While sliders, for example, have long been the result of a spontaneous quick-service craving, they now appear in many variations on full-service restaurant menus and supermarkets. The versatility of the slider allows an application to provide pre-made sandwiches on-the-go or fresh, on-demand.

Today’s mini-sliders go beyond the traditional “bun, burger, cheese, bun” compilation, though. Chefs from various genres have incorporated high end cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, unique cheeses and condiments that pack a punch.

Looking for a modern slider entrée that will catch the attention of hungry basketball connoisseurs during 2016 March Madness? ACP Corporate Chef Sandy Gibilisco’s Bang-Bang Chicken Sliders will do the trick!

Bang-Bang Chicken Sliders
Yield: Approximately 2 ½ dozen sliders

2 pounds large white meat chicken nuggets, frozen
½ head thinly sliced iceburg lettuce
3 dozen Hawaiian rolls, or small slider rolls

Bang-Bang Sauce:
1 stick melted butter
6 Tbsp. hot sauce
3 Tbsp. dry ranch seasoning
2 Tbsp. sriracha hot chili sauce
¾ cup mayonnaise


1.  Pre-heat AXP22 to 520⁰F (270⁰C)
2.  Spray ¼ size sheet pan with non-stick spray
3.  Whisk together all ingredients for bang-bang sauce
4.  Place frozen chicken nuggets on pan and place in pre-heated oven
5.  Heat at the following settings:

1:45     60% MW     70% Air     100% IR

6.  With tongs, remove from pan and toss with bang-bang sauce in a bowl
7.  Place sauced chicken nugget on slider bun and top with shredded lettuce
8.  Serve with a small wedge of bleu cheese or celerys ticks, if desired

Note: for variation, toss cooked, breaded shrimp in bang-bang sauce for Spicy Shrimp Sliders

Bang Bang Chicken Sliders