How to Simplify Steaming in the AMSO and MSO Oven

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How to Simplify Steaming in the AMSO and MSO Oven

Amana® AMSO and Menumaster® MSO Steamer Ovens cook 4 times faster than traditional steamers—without the extra costs, setup, or complications of equipment requiring plumbing or deliming. These innovative ovens rapidly steam food to seal in more flavor, nutrients, color, and moisture than conventional steaming methods.

9 Tips to Simplify Steaming and Enhance the Quality of Food Items:

  1. A good rule of thumb to follow is…

    This will bring most foods from refrigerated temperature to a minimum 140°F (60°C)

  1. The AMSO and MSO Steamer Ovens can accommodate two full size, 4″ (10cm) deep, high heat amber pans with lids. ACP recommends the use of high heat Carlisle pans and lids to achieve the best cooking results. Heating or cooking in covered high heat containers ensures:
    • Faster cook times
    • Retention of steam
    • Even cooking results
    • Prevention of food splatters
  2. When possible, defrost and rinse frozen food items before steaming to shorten cook times
  3. Refrigerated items stored at 40°F (4°C) should be covered while heated
    • Exception: Breads, pastries or items with breaded coating should be heated uncovered to avoid softening
  1. Room temperature items require less time to heat than refrigerated items
  2. Internal food temperatures continue to slightly rise after a steaming cycle due to the presence of steam
  3. Food items that are high in fat, sugar, salt, or moisture attract microwave energy and require shorter cook times
  4. Food items that are high in protein or fiber absorb microwave energy slowly and require longer cook times
  5. As a food item’s mass increases, the necessary cook time increases
    • When heating two full pans of thick, dense food items (lasagna, casserole, etc.), it may be necessary to rotate the pans half-way through the steaming process
Simplify Steaming. Amana & Menumaster Steamer Ovens. Tips to simplify steaming and enhance the quality of food items