Jetwave™ Launch Meetings

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Jetwave™ Launch Meetings

Photo Apr 08, 12 15 53 PM
The Jet14 and Jet19 displayed with menus at the launch meetings in Dallas, Texas.

Launch meetings were held at the Yes Group in Minneapolis, Silver Eagle in Baltimore and Forbes, Hever and Wallace in Dallas this month to promote the redesigned Jetwave™: Jet14, Jet19, Jet14V and Jet19V models. New features of these models include USB port for programming flexibility, improved door design for reliability, lower surface temperatures for safe operation and an optional catalytic converter for certified ventless operation. ACP participants at the meetings included Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mary Potter, Vice President of Sales, Michael Aguirre, Director of Global Marketing, Ann Ewoldt, Chef Sandy Gibilisco, and Regional Sales Managers Tony Aguiar, Stan Hopkins, and Todd Barr.

Photo Apr 08, 11 11 51 AM
ACP Culinary Center Manager, Chef Sandy Gibilisco, demonstrates programming features on the new Jetwave models during a launch meeting in Dallas, Texas.

Photo Apr 17, 12 03 57 PM
ACP Regional Sales Manager and Chef, Tony Aguiar, presents the new Jetwave models during a launch meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

ACP Regional Sales Manager, Todd Barr assists Mary Lynch of Alpha Distributing with heating Panini sandwiches in the new Jetwave at the Baltimore meeting.

The JET models are available NOW! Contact your Regional Sales Manager for pricing and availability.

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