Millennials and Appetizers

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Millennials and Appetizers

“Millennials are the snack-food generation,” according to Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (Levin). In a recent articleFE&S magazine and menu designer Wendy Dimitri shared some insight on the influence and demands of millennials.

While young consumers continue to be drawn to traditionally portioned entrées, studies have shown that the group is largely known for ordering various small portion entrees at once, such as appetizers or side dishes, and classifying that as a meal.

ACP Chef Sandy Gibilisco’s avocado & tomato melt can serve as a light prelude to an entrée, OR a savory standalone dish. Its fresh ingredients attract the millennials’ interests in food origins while acknowledging their desire for ingredient customization as well.

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●  2 english muffins
●  1 fresh, ripe tomato
●  1 fresh, ripe avocado
●  4 slices mozzarella cheese
●  optional: spicy sriracha mayonnaise



1.  Peel avocado and slice in half. Slice each half into 5-7 sections.
2.  Split english muffin in half. If desired, spread a small amount of sriracha mayonnaise on each half.
3.  Slice tomato into 4 slices.
4.  Place avocado slices evenly across each muffin half.
5.  Place 2 tomato slices over avocado on each muffin.
6.  Top with 2 slices mozzarella cheese.
7. Place on ¼ sheet pan and heat in the AXP22 at the following settings:

Oven temperature: 520⁰F
Time: 0:45
MW: 60%
Air: 70%
IR: 100%


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