Santa Size Red Velvet Dessert

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Santa Size Red Velvet Dessert

Red Velvet Cookie

‘Tis the season for sweet indulgence and festive decor! Anyone can bake a decadent dessert in a glass dish, springform pan, or even a mug these days. However, when cooked in a skillet most cookies, brownies and cakes tend to have a softer center due to a larger size, while still maintaining a perfectly browned edge.

ACP Corporate Chef Sandy Gibilisco’s recipe for Santa Size Red Velvet Dessert is the perfect example of utilizing a cast iron skillet for sweet indulgence during this holiday season.

Yield: 1 large skillet dessert, 8 servings


14 oz. red velvet cake mix
2 eggs
6 Tbsp. melted butter
½ cup milk chocolate chips
Vanilla ice cream
Kirsch liqueur
Whole cherry pie filling

1.  Pre-heat AXP22 to 350⁰ F
2.  Spray one 10″ skillet pan with non-stick spray
3.  Mix all ingredients together until well incorporated
4.  Spread evenly throughout skillet pan
5.  Place in AXP22 and heat at the following settings:

Stage 1          5:00          10% MW          0% AIR          100% IR
Stage 2          0:30          20% MW          0% AIR          100% IR

6.  Let dessert cool before adding toppings
7.  Top with vanilla ice cream
8.  Mix 2 Tbsp. Kirsch per one cup cherry pie filling and add to top of dessert
9.  Top with whipped cream and serve immediately


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